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tv   [untitled]    November 22, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm PST

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avenue and bring in the entertainment and get several different location to do like a weekly or a bi weekly or a monthly event. >> and so, any way, the first one is the ave and this is a bar like i said it is 1607 ocean, and here is lucia? >> hello. >> hi, my name is lucia and my husband, umani and we both run the bar and thes a small neighborhood bar, located in ocean avenue. president tan and please allow for me to speak. >> it has been around for eight years and the street life committee and the ocean avenue, is looking to bring the entertainment to the neighborhood and the neighborhood has been forgotten and so we are trying to revive it and give it the flavor, and
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so any questions, and i am open to answer and i think that i would be happy to hear anything else that you have to say. >> great, commissioner hyde, have you something to say? >> i am just really excited and i live in the neighborhood and i have often said that why are they not pulling these kids from the city college right down the street and stay into these businesses, through the limited live. and so i am glad to see something like this happening in the area. >> great, thank you. >> and commissioner perez. >> thanks for come ng and i also live near ocean avenue and we are excited to see that there is this movement to have the entertainment in that area. and i was just wondering what type of music that you plan to do? >> well, you know, being born and raised in san francisco, that the music that the people produce and can do and it is
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huge. and so, one of the things that i feel that the ocean avenue association wants to push is jazz and they want to do that and we also got approached for the karaoke which is not music, but it is. but we just want to give the students things to do. and i mean, that it is really important, and it is like i said, it has been forgotten and overlooked for so many years. >> have you done any community out reach? >> sure. and we have to support of the street life community and the engleside life and the ocean avenue and the idea of putting this together and so they speak for, you know, those organizations, and we reached out to the (inaudible) and they are extremely happy and the abc is just granting us the 2 a.m. and the business is doing great and they are striving and trying to keep pushing for ward. >> thank you, we look forward to checking out your place. >> thank you. >> any other questions? >> commissioner lee? >> in the police cab reports
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there has been like petty theft, and can you explain the outside lighting of your place, is it dark? >> yeah, but we have a street light right there and we have a motion detector light and then we have a sign that lights up too. san francisco and like i said, we have been open for eight years and we have not had any police complaints and this is a rule that you tell someone to be quiet if they get out of control and you advise them that you are going to call the police and then, the next thing that you do is you call the police it is very simple and clear. >> it is not a lot of activity on that street. but there is a lot of lighting, but, you know, a lot of the businesses are closed, you know, they close at 6, 7 and they are coffee shops and that is it, and you know, we have restaurants that stay open until nine but it is not a lively neighborhood and it is not a lot and it is ocean street and so there is no sunlight, and i mean that on one side of the street for three hours a day and it is gone and here comes the fall.
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>> and do you think that a little extra lighting might, you know, keep the people away, you know? or if you have plenty of lighting. >> i think that we have plenty of lighting and i really do, for what is there, i mean that i can't put this, or make them open up. >> not the lights. >> from where i am, and you could definitely see that i just opened up the window and so you can see through it and i think that we are doing great. >> okay. >> the christmas lights. >> okay. >> all right. commissioner hyde? >> yeah, if i could speak to that. and i think that truly the only reason that you would have issues on that street is because there is one person and they are a target and i think that by opening the street up to more business and more foot traffic, that that will only be helpful. and just because i lived there i noticed that if i should have to walk down that street and there is literally like, no one, and it is going to be nice to have the foot traffic and that will actually help and help the petty issues that are happening there. >> thank you.
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>> all right. any other comments from commissioners? if not, you can have a seat. >> thank you, thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> is there any police comments on this? >> or concerns? >> i don't see any in it. >> no. >> president tan. >> i apologize. >> vice president hyde and commissioners and lieutenant from the san francisco police department, just quickly because the issue of lighting was brought up and i want to speak because there is an opportunity to kind of share some other avenues of enforcement. and although, bars are not mandated at specifically under the abc act for lighting, the act does speak to all of the license premises have to have the front of their premises, easily discernible. and their activity, and so, if lighting becomes an issue down the road, and i am sure that they can work with the licensee but as many of you may recall or know already, off sale, premises like the liquor stores they are required to have the
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exterior lighting but either way we have the issue to fall back on if it is an issue for the committee. >> thank you. >> and is there any public comment on the ave? >> all right, i don't see any. >> no? >> yes? >> anyone? >> going, go, gone. >> no one? >> do you want to? >> neil ballard. >> good evening, commissioners i am neil and i work for the ocean avenue, association and the benefit district of ocean avenue and we can put the second sunday's program and the ave and actually java who is going to come up next, they are one of our top, picks for a place that we could have the entertainment at for second sundays is going to be the second sunday of every month and we are going to have the entertainment from four to nine. and you know, the ave is one of the only places right now on ocean that has the street lights and it is one of only
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two bars at night, that is. and so, i completely, and work and you giving them a permit and i would like to see, you know, i am going to get, more hopefully permits for your review, and i am working on the other bar on ocean and if you have any questions of the community out reach aspect of this or as of the lifters coming up, you can let me know, that is it, coming up. thank you. >> any other public comment? >> public comment is closed. >> matter is now with the commission. commissioners? any motion? >> i move to approve. >> all right. >> second. >> second. >> there is a second. >> on that motion, same house same call? >> all right. >> that means that the motion passes, congratulations we are going to move on to the last permit of the night. fog lifter cafe this is the ocean avenue, second sunday locations and just like the
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ave, they would like to have a limited live performance permit, and they probably would use theirs a little bit differently as they are a cafe and not a bar, but, here to talk more about that, is jawad, swirky. >> could you speak in the mic. >> hi, i am the owner of thing for lifter cafe and i am applying for a permit just for music, that it would be like acoustic guitar and we will have the lighting on site and we will have the lights and the (inaudible) is low and the cleaning and i just have a park outside and so it just looks nice. and so, we are looking forward to approve. >> great. any questions for mr. swirky?
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>> no, this sounds pretty easy. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> any police comments on this? >> you don't have to, okay. >> thank you. >> is there any public comment? >> we have one. >> good evening, commissioners, my name is castolano and i am working on two projects on the 1900 block and his cafe is a nice meeting place and it is like the cheers of the neighborhood and we are hoping to fill seven vacancis on that block and i think that they have got the great vision to add a stimulus, you know, they have two, limited lives going and maybe two more going, and you are going to have a little connectivity over there and hopefully, you know, they fill those vacancies and all of those businesses get to know each other and you got a vibe and you has not had a vibe in a long time and the other businesses that were there and like the aquarium and the hobby
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shop and those things closed and so there is an opportunity, now to create something, special there. and so, i applaud these guys and i applaud the cbd for trying to get everybody together and create something, special. >> thank you. is there any other public comment? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners, i move to approve this one. >> all right. >> is there a motion. >> is there a second. >> second. >> and a second. >> all right, on the motion to approve with the good neighbor policy, same house same call? >> yes. >> yes. ma'am. >> all right. congratulations and that means that that passes. item number 6 on the agenda is commissioner comments and questions. >> commissioners anything that would you like to say before we head out? >> why don't we do, moshoyannis, and then hyde. >> just for the staff, is there any update on the report from
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the office of economic anan sis on the outdoor events. >> i don't know, i think that they are on the way for supervisor campos went out of town, and maybe in his... >> are we waiting for some kind of information from his office. >> no, i think that the draft, on the controller's desk and it was, in part done as a request of his office. and so i think that protocol is... >> okay >> just sure. >> and just away for a fit. >> okay, great. >> thank you. >> commissioner hyde? >> and then commissioner perez. >> yeah, i just wanted to say that a wonderful transactvist leslie fine berg passed away this week and i want to remember her and she was instrumental in influencing me to open my mouth. so i just wanted to remember her tonight. >> great. >> commissioner perez e >> i was not here at the last
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meeting and so i just want to officially welcome commissioner dimitri and i look forward to working with you and so i am glad to have you here and i have a question for the staff, what is the eta on our annual report? >> we are still waiting for a few documents from you, and then we will be getting started on it. >> all right, great. >> all right, commissioner frost? >> just want to commend the staff and especially josyln, for yesterday's training and i attended and, i learned some things, and it was pretty good and i just wish that it was better attended or the individuals, but i think that it is a good thing that you guys had it taped and so now the people can click on it and then i do want to wish, her a happy birthday. >> happy birthday. >> yeah. >> again. >> every year. >> all right. >> any other commissioner comments?
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>> is there any public comment on our commissioner comments? >> all right, we will move on to item 7. new business request for future agendas. and we can do this after the meeting as well. all right, i don't see any. and i think that ends our meeting. >> so, thank you very much and have a good night. the commission meeting is now over.
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>> good morning, would you call the roll? >> chair kim has a scheduling conflict with will not be prept, and therefore, harper will precede. >> director lee. >> here. >> nuru. >> present. >> reiskin. >> present. >> sartipi, present. >> and harper. >> you have a quorum, thank you very much. >> communications? >> we had technical things, and stgtv and it is marvelous that they keep us rolling like they do and keep this rare as they
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do, any little, anyone who does not think that this terminal is necessary, should have been with me on bart, the trains were all off schedule and everything was totally rush loads and, cheek to cheek. it is really necessary >> any others? >> not that i am aware of. >> okay, old and new business? >> board of directors? >> anything? >> no? >> and then we will go right into the executive director's report. >> good morning, everyone. we will begin today by reporting on our most recent successful milestone that took place last friday on the site of our transit center construction area and we celebrated the aoe mer begans of the fissioner steel column above ground for the transit center and i was joined by over 100 people, including the chair
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of the california high authority and richard assembly woman nancy skinner and i was also joined by the board of directors greg harper and vice chair harper and director sartipi and many others. and i think that there is a slide or a picture that i want to show of the super hero who is holding up the steel column and i am not sure if it is going to show up. but that is the super hero holding up the column getting ready to put it on the sight and it was really a wopdful event and we are joined by james gordon and the san francisco ta and executive director change and of course, we had our chair, vice chair tedol enwith us as well. and as a reminder shs we will have over 22,000 tons of steel when we are done constructing the transit center, everything will be supplied and fabric ated dow nestically we have
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everyone across 19 different states and i want to point out something that is very important and that is the column that was put in place, the column that you see there and all of the columns installed at the transit side have a unique and innovative seismic safety design and i thought that it was important that i asked sean mcneill to give a brief overview of what the design is and why it is so important. and so we could have sean, come up. >> good morning, board. >> this one right here. >> what? okay, great. >> where does it light up here? >> there it is. >> okay, fantastic, and so, the element that i am talking about is shown in the upper left-hand and it is a plate that can be found at the topps of the columns and the bottoms of the columns at the ground floor
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level, all right? and so, the right photograph shows that the column that is above this transfer girter is offset from the column that is below the transfer girter and this is due to the functioning requirements as we move from the park level at the top down to a train platform down at the bottom. so, because of this offset, we need to make sure that the forces that originate in the upper make the way to the bottom part of the building in a completely reliable fashion, all right? and the kinds of things that we need to do is we need to protect that connection from little failure. and to that end, we decided to use a bolted connection, and so that it is a, you know any problems with we woulds do not propagate into the transfer girter and the second thing that we wanted to do was to limit the amount of force that can go into this transfer girder and so we wanted to be
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sure that the column above and below connect and the forces are transferred and in a reliable fashion, all right? and so i am going to explain a little bit how it works. if you look at the plate in the upper left, you will see that there are two fraofs on either side of the column, and what they do, is that when the structure moves under a seismic event, that plate will yield or flex at those two groves. and this allows the column to remain elastic and allows the transfer girder to remain elastic and also puts a limit on the amount of force that can go into this transfer girder and the main goal is protecting the load path. and i think that the closest analogy would be the proverb that says that the green reed sways in the wind, while the strong oak may break in the storm. so that is what we are trying to do with this connection.
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and this connection is unique, and innovative and it was conceived of and designed by thomas eddie and requires hundreds of hours of analysis and we are pleased to have this on our job, and does the board have any questions? >> excellent. thank you. >> so directors after over four years of working underground and building the rail foundations putting in the geo thermal piping and everything else that we are doing as well as the foundation and now the public will be able to see the station coming up above ground and so we are excited about that and this last slide sxit em that i wanted to mention was that last month we mentioned that we will be bringing to the boarded to ab update on the progress of common boarding heights. and at the request of the rail operators, we are going to be putting this item off in terms of the update to december, because they are doing a lot of technical work and analysis and we thought that it would be best to give them the time to conclude or at least get that
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work under way before we brought them back, but nonetheless they are coming in december to give an update. and i would like steve to give the update on the construction work. >> good morning, directors, steve rul with turner construction, providing construction oversight services. as the executive director pointed out we had great milestones this month, not only the steel starting in october, and the ceremony last week, but also the final lab pour and just a reminder of how we break the project up and the over all schedule and we are still on track for that fall, 2017 date. and now with the steel starting we can start analyzing the erection sequence and they are following what the plan was and they are always looking for ways to improve that and as that is a critical path item.
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and here is a tracker that we have discussed before. and the just a couple of minor spins on that it reflects the bid packages that were approved at the last board meeting and one small change order that was done in the last period to the bse contractor. and safety has been very good this past period over 50,000 crew hours, and no recordables or lost time incidents in the month of october. and we are hoping that trend holds. and so, 1.2 million craft hours to date, 50,000 more from the last period, and the steel trial assemblies are proceeding and we started the structural steel in the field and a lot of great and things like that going on. and down in the east end, we completed the final lab pour and we have additional pictures of that coming up. and so the eastern zone is focused on what we used to call zone four, is focused on the first and second lift walls in the foundations and the rest of
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the projects are working on the lower concourse and we should actually get the final and i believe that the final central section, lower concourse pour was this week and we are almost to free mont street with that and the next pour. just, a progress chart and you can see 100 percent done in the lower concourse work in the west and 80 percent now, i believe that it is 100 percent as of this week and they will start, filling in to get some of that going in the east end and columns and walls are all up to date, and the progress is going quite well. so just some shots, that is the final pour down in the west end of the project. and basically, eight or nine hour pour to complete all of the lower concourse areas, down in the western zone. also in the western zone, that third lift wall work and the rebracing that proceeding the structural erection and moving into the central zone it was
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all about the central steel erection and before we could have that ceremony was actually physically cutting a chunk out of the construction trussle that has been there for a couple of years now and at 9.5, they removed that and started putting in the columns that actually support the transfer girder that sean was just talking about. there is the lower concourse and the anchor bolts for the come ums and on the 29th of october, the first arrived in the morning and was erected that day and below grade and those columns were the first to come out and that supports the column that sean was talking about. there is that first column in place, being hoisted and set in place, on the base plates down the lower concourse. and the transfer girder going in place. which led to that column ceremony that we had last week. and in the eastern zone it was
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all about getting that final slab in and that represents about 14 months worth of concrete work and foundation slab and 55,000 cubic yards and to date we have poured close to 90,000 cubic yards of concrete and the finished work and including the walls and columns and the lower concourse slabs. and also, in the eastern zone as i mentioned before they are working on columns in the first and second levels of the wall lift and starting to put in the deck for the lower concourse. structural steel fabrication continues, that is one of the ground level cast nodes being attached to the transfer girder and we have one on site now and the work is pro-guessing with these sections. and we will start to see more of these come to the site. and as far as cast note, 181 out the door of the 304 and we still anticipate the completing
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of the casting or early and second quarter of next year. and the bus ramp work continues and we have actually poured a couple of the cidh piles up on the via duct section and the first of two deeper piles for the pile on nine which will support the main pile for the cable state bridge. and a couple. pictures of that. and in the lower left, there is the rebar cage being lowered into the cidh piles and the right picture is the equipment being used to excavate the pile and which is a rectangular pile that sets in to a rock socket and all the way to bed rock. and finally, just the next 30 or 90 days, and continue the lower concourse and moving that east as quickly as possible and the third lift walls and of course the second and third lift walls in the east end and the bus ramp work will continue and 19 total cidh piles and one more pile to do. and we obviously we will
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continue structural steel, and starting this month, actually the mechanical and plumbing contractors had the first coordination meeting and now we will add it is on your agenda today to approve the electrical contract and we will add them to the coordination mix this month. and going on it is really going to all be about structural steel and trying to keep the concrete out ahead of the steel. and the labor break downs and the percentages are holding for our locals. and the still seeing 18 percent over all from san francisco. apprentices about the same number coming from san francisco, of all of the apprentices 32 percent from the city. and as far as total labor there is over 2,000 employees, and individual employees that have hit the work, here in at the transit center project. happy to answer any questions. >> questions? >> i have one that is, when you stopped to talk about the steel arriving on the 29th and being
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erected that afternoon or something. it made me realize how important the just in time delivery is on this job and how critical that is and of course the streets and everything around it that has got to cooperate very well to do that and it is amazing that you know, the coordination. and is the plan to, when you, to do a full at grade slab at some point that might alleviate the tightness of that problem? >> well not during the steel erections. >> during any of the steel erections? >> not during any of the steel, will have that platform and they have to erect, the entire elevation of the project all the way to the roof deck in the sections we call that billboarding because it literally looks like a billboard instead of doing one floor of the whole length of the project and another floor, they will actually go to the full height and they will never have the opportunity with a lot of the lay down space with the steel as i understand they do have the local property and they do


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